Design pour les marques qui aiment leurs clients & la planète

Solution design, from user experience to object design, for brands that love their customers & the planet!

The world is changing, your customers expect easy, beautiful and ethical experiences and products. Distinguish yourself ! Put your organization in spotlight with objects and services to make daily lives of users easier and preserve the planet

Studio Riot materialize uses by creating for you innovative eco-friendly services, objects places; adjusted to the users and the realities of business and organizations to facilitate the transition


Studio Riot generates, distils, reveal innovation and sustainable beauty with you



Ethical and eco-responsible design, from user experience to product design

Who we are and our mission

We take care of you, your users, and the environment. Discover commitments and values put at your service by Studio Riot, from innovation to realisation of a better world for you, us, all. Studio Riot dreams of saving the world in its own method.


What we bring you and how
Differentiate yourself by creating ethical, eco-responsible, innovative products and objects, from Strategy Design to Product Design, so that your target will love you and keep you. Benefits, Know-How, Method and Offer, discover how Studio Riot accompanies you to the closest to your needs



Solutions : Objects, Furniture, Services, User Experiences, Spaces, Retail, ... Change the world by projects, to support your brand in sustainable development. Discover examples of solutions and ways to bring the world to more ethics, eco-responsible, sustainable, ...


We work for ...

In order to always be at the forefront of the needs of your users, it is above all, attraction for Ethical Innovation, Design of Uses and Know-How; applied to sustainable products and services that unites Studio Riot's clients.

To better understand co-design and service design, in-depth description of 3 Case Studies: method used, steps and solution obtained



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Design for brands who love their customers and the planet
Objects and services, to facilitate the daily life of user, take care of the environment, put the brands in the spotligh

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